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"How I Found the Hidden Science of Luck"

peter-ragnarI love to read. In fact, if you could see the untold thousands of books in my library, you might think me crazy! But there are a couple of books that would probably jump off the shelf and run like a mouse if you came in the room.

"When I found them, well, it was like I smelled them first... it was dark, dank, and musty in the back of the old antique shop."

I felt like Indiana Jones feeling his way through a cave. The rare book dealer said, "Go ahead and sort through the boxes, but handle them carefully." Slowly, ever so slowly, I turned the yellowed pages as they crackled in the dim light.

"I began to tremble at what I was reading!"

"Oh, those old books have been sitting around forever. I'll make you a deal on the one you're reading," said the antique dealer.

I gripped the books in my hand like a vise. "I'll take these two," I replied, my voice a bit shaky. I couldn't wait to take them home and practice the arcane instructions on building one's energy and luck. That was way back in the 1970s.

"I've now distilled those ancient teachings down to the very potent seed you'll need to plant in your mind to make good luck inescapable for you."

Actually, you'll discover that the incredible power of luck is a science. I know you'll think this is unbelievable, but it's true - you can learn how to mentally direct your energy so you win in all areas of your life with mind-boggling consistency. When would you like to start attracting more good luck?



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